Globally Competent

Through our local and international curricula, school heads and teachers support and facilitate our students to critically analyse and question global issues based on three principles:


To learn that the increased imbalance of income, the unavailability of quality education for the poor and the digital economy are fundamentally altering the nature of employment and the right to earn a livelihood.

Global & Social Cohesion

Mass migration from countries stuck in war and poverty create problems on a global scale. Through our local and international curricula teachers and students discuss the integration of diverse groups of people and ways to avoid the growth of extremist ideologies.


Our local and international curricula prioritise the investigation of sustainable goals through becoming cognizant of the consequences of overconsumption of non-renewable energy sources. Schools promote self-awareness and ownership of responsibility in their students to prepare themselves for a greener future and realize the impact that they have on the lives of future generations in the face of increasing chances of environmental degradation, imminent global warming, and rapid climate change.