What are Beaconhouse Online Global Projects?

Effective and transformative global learning offers students meaningful opportunities to analyse and explore global challenges. Beaconhouse has embraced this reality, and is introducing a world-class education platform the “Beaconhouse Online Global Projects”. Through this initiative, Beaconhouse hopes to bring all its students together from the national and international Beaconhouse schools, with the aim to unite our young communities and support them in creating their own network of learning and collaboration. Global learning enhances students’ sense of identity, community, ethics, and perspective and encourages them to:

  • collaborate respectfully with diverse others.
  • learn to take responsible action in contemporary global contexts.
  • evaluate the goals, methods, and consequences of that action.

our projects

These online projects support existing pedagogical practices and instructional approaches through the use of digital tools. They will use a combination of PBL (problem-based learning) and CBL (connections-based learning). The projects will be student-led based on online collaboration.

The Themes

The groups will consist of students from across the national and international Beaconhouse schools, the students will be divided into groups according to these sets of classes: Class 3—5, Class 6—8, Class 9—10. Each set will be given a project based on a predetermined theme.

Environment and Sustainability
Culture and Identity

our Protocols

Each member is required to participate and contribute to the project. Each member will have a chance to use leadership skills at different stages of the project. They should put their strengths to use and learn from others to develop more skills.

The team members are required to display the following qualities at all times


Creating A Collaborative
Global Learning Community

The Beaconhouse Online Global Projects will provide the schools with an opportunity to use both synchronous and asynchronous online collaboration to promote interdisciplinary learning for students irrespective of their geographical locations.
Years of Excellence


Students will maintain a reflection journal to map their learning journey step by step during online collaboration. At the end of the project, each student will submit a short individual reflection as well as a reflection on the team.

26 Apr14:36
26 Apr14:36
Apr 2020
Apr 2020

Schools will be paired up by the Corporate Office Education Department

Due Date: 1st May, 5 pm GMT – 3rd May, 5 pm GMT…

19 Apr14:00
19 Apr14:00

Submission of entry applications

Due Date: 30th April, 5 pm GMT

18 Apr14:00
18 Apr14:00

Schools will be paired up by the Corporate Office Education Department

Due Date: 1st May, 5 pm GMT – 3rd May, 5 pm GMT

17 Apr14:00
17 Apr14:00

Pairings will be communicated to schools

Due Date: 3rd May, 5 pm GMT

16 Apr14:00
16 Apr14:00

Groups will work on their projects and prepare a final outcome

Due Date: 4th May- 4th June, 5 pm GMT